Connected Learning

Jarrod Lamshed


I am able to present on a variety of topics. I have have presented at various schools for staff groups, DECD professional development days, University lectures and at professional development conferences for a range of audiences and organisations. I am able to make presentations on following topics:


Engaging boys through ICTs:

This presentation covers how we use ICTs inclass classroom to engage and connect students with their learning. It looks at our journey into single sex education and how ICTs have played their part in making learning accessible for disengaged students. This presentation looks at how connected learning has opened up a variety of unique learning opportunities for our class.



Developing a class blog / Professional Digital Portfolios /Digital Learning Folios:

This presentation can be made at different levels to suit the needs of individual groups. It explains what blogs are, how they fit into a classroom learning environment and looks at the resources available for creating your own blog for your classrooms. With access to computers this presentation also has a workshop section where participants can begin work on their own blogs. Professional Portfolio sessions look at the above with a focus on connecting blogs to AITSL Teacher Standards. The Digital Learning Folios for students session looks at the above as well as linking student posts to curriculum areas.



The Global Classroom:

This presentation looks at how teachers and students can make global connections to enhance both student and teacher professional learning. Looking at Twitter, G Suite, Blogs and other resources to allow for professional connections to be made outside of the walls of your own classroom and school.


Twitter basics for education:

This presentation looks at how Twitter can be used to enhance learning. Looking at various ways that Twitter can be used both in the classroom with students and by teachers for making professional connections and for professional learning. It also looks at other tools and websites that can be used with Twitter to organise and manage online learning.


Twitter basics for education

Social media is a powerful tool for educators and communities. In this presentation we look at how we can harness existing popular social media spaces for engaging families in classroom learning. It also looks at how educators can harness the power of social media for profession learning and to build professional learning networks. It also investigates the use of appropriate social media accounts in the classroom.


Times for all presentations are negotiable and can be tailored to suit the needs of your event. 

My contact details can be found on the ‘ABOUT ME’ page.

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