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Jarrod Lamshed

Professional Development Log

Public Schools Music Festival Conference 1: (Presenters – Deb Hepworth, Robyn Filmer)

Date: 5th & 6th February Focus: Introduction of choral works for use with students in choir program. Sharing of resources related to commissioned work. Conducting skills workshop. Presentation type: Active workshop.

Running Time: 14 hours


Mitcham Plains Cluster Day – Digital Technologies / TfEL (Presenters – Margot Foster, Paul Clapton-Caputo, Innovations Team, Jarrod Lamshed)

Date: 6th March, 2015  Focus: Effective teaching, Digital Technologies Curriculum, ICT General Capability. Presentation type: Keynote speakers / interactive workshops.

Running time: 7 hours


Powtoon – 32 Seriously Awesome Things You Can Do With Powtoon (Presenters Ari Shebrill and Nirel Matsil)

Date: 12th March, 2015 Focus: In depth run-through of ‘PowToon’, and online animation / video tool. Training looked at technical aspects of the program and discussed creative uses for the tool in and out of the classroom. Presentation Type: Webinar

Running time: 1.5 hours


EdTechSA AGM (Presenters Kevin Richardson from Immanuel College, Dr. Trudy Sweeney from Flinders University and Lynne Symons from Mark Oliphant College)

Date: 26th March, 2015 Focus: current trends and myths related to digital transformation in education. Stories of promise, progress and pain related to leading learning in the digital age will be shared by two outstanding Principals of R-12 schools. Kevin Richardson and  Lynne Symons will briefly outline some of the key lessons learnt from their schools. The presentation will conclude by identifying some of the major implications for future investment in the use of digital technology for learning in schools. Presentation Type: Keynotes

Running Time: 1.5 hours


Upcoming – EduTech ’15

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